Tantrum Tuesday

Tantrum: A Fit of Rage (Webster's New Pocket Dictionary)
: A State of being mad, annoyed. (http://dictionary.reference.com/)

This morning Justin and I were in the swing of our normal morning routine brushing our teeth when something happened...a TANTRUM broke out. Surprisingly though it was not from my two year old but from ME. I am not talking a small Tantrum but one that has left me to laugh at myself simply because Justin is going through this stage and I acted just like him.

Our bathroom sink is clogged and drains VERY SLOWLY which can be a problem when two people are brushing their teeth. The sink fills up with spit out tooth paste and Justin being a boy loves to put his hands in water and make a mess. For the last couple of days I have explained to him that the water is gross and not to put his hands in it. Meanwhile I have reminded Blake about that we needed to fix the sink.

Just a side note, all last week I was extremely sick with a bacterial infection that literally crippled me with 102.9 fevers for four days. During the last seven days, Blake has had to be mom/dad and on top of it, take care of me. My wonderful husband even set his alarm for every four hours to make sure I was taking my Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fevers down.

Well this morning, Justin not only put his hands in the dirty water but also threw my toothbrush in. That's when IT happened...I rushed into our bedroom where Blake was sound asleep and yelled "BLAKE, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE NOT UNCLOGGED THE SINK." I went on with my rant and of course over exaggerated saying "I HAVE BEEN REMINDING YOU TO DO THIS FOR A MONTH NOW", which is not true. I left my poor husband trying to wake up and comprehend what his crazy Tantrum throwing wife just said.

Just last week I found an article on www.babycenter.com talking about understanding your toddlers tantrums and how to handle them.
One part of this article that stuck with me was the reasoning behind a toddler's tantrum which is a response to frustration. I guess in my defense, this morning I was frustrated.

So, has anyone else out there had one of these moments?? Let's share.