Why Not Mama?

So today, Justin and I are doing the normal afternoon nap routine and just as he is settled in and almost asleep Justin looks up and says "Mama, more milk please?". I quietly told him "No, Justin you don't need anymore milk." Normally my two year old son would sweetly say "Okay, Mama" but not today. Oh no...today my two year old looks up with a confused look and says "Why not Mama?". I was thrown off by this question because this was a first.

As I was sitting here tonight thinking about Justin's little question, I really should not of been shocked by this. I always have said that Justin needs to know why you do something or an explanation needs to be given if I am going to tell him no about something. I don't want Justin to be one of those kids that just does something because Mom or Dad told him. I want him to understand the reasoning behind things not just be a little mimic.

For example, last week my in-laws were on this kick about insisting Justin saying "Yes mam or No Sir". I didn't say anything at first but one day it started bothering me. So I spoke up and said "I don't think he is old enough to understand the whole "Yes Mam, No Sir". I was answered with "Well he just needs to know to say it." I dropped it because I did not want to start something but I knew that Justin would not understand. So one day later, Justin was telling me "NO". I told him to stop saying "NO" or he will go in time out. Sure enough he said it again and I put him in time out. As I shut his door, Justin started crying and saying "I sorry Mama. I sorry Mama." And then the next toddler sentence confirmed my stand on him not understanding "No Mam, No Sir". Justin says "I sorry Mama...No mam No mam". I laughed because he thought that it's okay to say No as long as you say "No mam."

So my little Justin is exactly who I am raising him to be. He is asking me why and I want him to always know the real meaning not just because my Mama said so.

A Dose of Justin

So...for some reason I could not sign into my blog for a while now. I tried everything from changing the password to even emailing blogger. Then yesterday I just thought I would try it one last time before creating a new one. As you can see it worked.

Anyways...so I am back and hopefully be able to sign in without any problems.

Today is a busy day for me-lots of laundry and playing with my little guy JD. I look forward to Saturday SOOOO much because 9 times out of 10 it's just me and him. (Blake works on Saturdays). Justin is growing so much. Last weekend, I took him with our Boys & Girls Club to the State Game Room Tournament. Since I was on the planning committee, I had a big role in the event as a whole but also making sure my BGC kids compete and bring home a trophy (We have a healthy competition between Hilton Head and Bluffton Boys & Girls Club). Anyways, Justin and I had to leave our house at 5:00 AM. As we were driving down the road my very sleepy and quiet JD says "Mama, a question...where's the sun?" I laughed because he wasn't use to leaving the house before the sun was up. So I responded "The sun is still sleeping." JD then said so sweetly-"The sun is sleeping...but the Moon is awake".

Little moments like these are the ones I carry with me when I am at work and miss him so much. I know my in-laws probably don't understand why I call throughout the day to see how he is doing or what he is doing. They see it as I am checking up on them but really it's not. Sometimes I need a little dose of my JD to get me through the day until I see his little face race up to the window as I pull up in the car.

I pray for the day when I can stop working with other parent's kids and stay home with my own. Blake and I are working on that because we both feel like it's best for me to be home with Justin. Right now we are saving our money towards me getting certified as a Transcriber. I do transcribing on the side but if I had my certificate I could make an income at home doing it. So hopefully, we will soon have enough for my classes ($700 for those who want to pray for me) and I can be a SAHM.