A Dose of Justin

So...for some reason I could not sign into my blog for a while now. I tried everything from changing the password to even emailing blogger. Then yesterday I just thought I would try it one last time before creating a new one. As you can see it worked.

Anyways...so I am back and hopefully be able to sign in without any problems.

Today is a busy day for me-lots of laundry and playing with my little guy JD. I look forward to Saturday SOOOO much because 9 times out of 10 it's just me and him. (Blake works on Saturdays). Justin is growing so much. Last weekend, I took him with our Boys & Girls Club to the State Game Room Tournament. Since I was on the planning committee, I had a big role in the event as a whole but also making sure my BGC kids compete and bring home a trophy (We have a healthy competition between Hilton Head and Bluffton Boys & Girls Club). Anyways, Justin and I had to leave our house at 5:00 AM. As we were driving down the road my very sleepy and quiet JD says "Mama, a question...where's the sun?" I laughed because he wasn't use to leaving the house before the sun was up. So I responded "The sun is still sleeping." JD then said so sweetly-"The sun is sleeping...but the Moon is awake".

Little moments like these are the ones I carry with me when I am at work and miss him so much. I know my in-laws probably don't understand why I call throughout the day to see how he is doing or what he is doing. They see it as I am checking up on them but really it's not. Sometimes I need a little dose of my JD to get me through the day until I see his little face race up to the window as I pull up in the car.

I pray for the day when I can stop working with other parent's kids and stay home with my own. Blake and I are working on that because we both feel like it's best for me to be home with Justin. Right now we are saving our money towards me getting certified as a Transcriber. I do transcribing on the side but if I had my certificate I could make an income at home doing it. So hopefully, we will soon have enough for my classes ($700 for those who want to pray for me) and I can be a SAHM.